for 18 years had initiative of establisment the Agarwood Community of Thailand for education and collecting rare Aquilaria Crassna species in Thailand ,species is the wood that has hight value and is scarce,it has been listed in Appendix II of the convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) In company respect of natural conservation,the idia of planting "Aquilaria crassna var.Trat Province Thailand

Grade of Agarwood Oil (Oudh Oil)

1.Agarwood Oil grade DBS. price = 35,000 Baht/Tola
2.Agarwood Oil grade super price = 15,000 Baht/Tola
3.Agarwood Oil grade AAA price = 12,500 Baht/Tola
4.Agarwood Oil grade AA price = 9,500 Baht/Tola
5.Agarwood Oil grade A price = 6,000 Baht/Tola

1. Agarwood Chips grade super A. Price =500,000 Baht/Kg.
2. Agarwood Chips grade super B. Price = 300,000 Baht/Kg.
3. Agarwood Chips grade super C. Price = 200,000 Baht/Kg.
4. Agarwood Chips grade A. Price = 150,000 Baht/Kg.
5. Agarwood Chips grade B. Price = 120,000 Baht/Kg
6. Agarwood Chips grade C. Price = 80,000 Baht/Kg


Product type : Perfume
Product grade : A
Quantity amount : 50 ml.
Price : 111 EUR./BOTTLE
The origin of product : Trat province Thailand




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