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Agarwood Plants(Thailand)CO.,Ltd. was first named Borai Krisana Ltd.,Part and was found in Thailand in 2003. In the early years our company accepted and assignment to conduct the world largest projects of Agarwood plantation for the goverment and private sectors in Thailand.The company has long and successful history in Agarwood Business without cutting the trees under slogan " Agarwood Plantation For Global Environment Project"


More than 35 years Dr.Chalermchai Sommung who is the Pressident has spent in Research and Development in order to attain the best formulation of the most effective inoculation substance by combining the traditional method from lacal knowledge and scientific method. We have patened the Biological Substance and call it "Chalermchai Boraikrisana Good" (C.B.G.) Inoculation Substance under the world intelligent Licence


The purpose of the substance is to the accelerate the natural process of black resin secretion.After Agarwood tree is inoculated with the C.B.G. substance,the Agarwood trees produce black resin within one year and we distill the Oil from the black resin. The distilled Oil is well known in the name of "Agarwood Oil, Oud or Oudh" in Arabic in general trading term

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